For your utter satisfaction, we are keen to offer you a good service.

Our strength lies in everyday life:

• We do not work with call centres and middlemen.

• We cultivate a continuous customer service.

• If you are interested, we are pleased to conduct a personal counseling interview about the position, quantity, handling of the devices, the   requested color - the logo colors of your company (pictures are available under the rubric  ).

• After a personal consultation on site we can make you an offer customized to your individual wishes and requirements.

• On every first delivery our customers get detailed verbal instructions as well as a written manual for their new water dispenser.

• After every delivery we conduct an inspection as well as an external cleaning.

• Our hygiene standard corresponds to the status quo of the EU norm. All the components which came in contact with the water get renewed    in continuous intervals, when requested by the customer, or at least every three months. Afterwards they get recycled – eco-friendly.
   In addition to this regular maintenance your water dispenser gets provided with an inspection plate, which shows you the exact date for    your next service appointment.

• We make you a customized offer, personalized on your wishes and desires.

• We offer you the opportunity to rent our beverage dispenser for the duration of a convention, photo shooting or similar event.
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